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Building Waste Disposal | Bee Clean Disposal

Scheduled Weekly Trash Pick-Up

We offer the flexibility to use our 64 gallon or our 96 gallon waste containers. Our trucks have the ability to utilize a flipper system and/or the built in bucket for a clean no mess disposal of your curbside trash pick up. Using our service will allow you the convenience of online account management. We put the tools in your hands to manage your needs without ever having to pick up the phone to call us.

Just a few of the perks for allowing us to serve you include.

  • Add extra pick up:
  • For those times you simply have more waste than expected. Simply add it in your online account. Simple and easy services added to your account at anytime.
  • Easy To Set Up:
  • Setting up your weekly trash disposal should not be complicated. We allow you to set up your account online, Pay online, add or remove services online. No need to ever put a personal check under a trash can lid. No requirement to send us a personal check in the mail. Your time is very valuable to us and we want you to have as much of it as possible by saving you time.
  • Options:
  • We have options for all of our clients. We offer the ability to have more than one trash can, recycle bins and cans, curbside clean-out options and large item removal.
Our Medium 64 Gallon Container ($18.00 each Two or more) $20.00 / Monthly
Our Large 96 Gallon Container ($20.00 each Two or more) $22.50 / Monthly
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Monthly Single-Stream Recycling

Bee Clean Disposal ® Single-stream recycling service. Is a system in which recyclables, including cardboard, plastic #1 & #2, aluminum soda cans and metal food containers, are placed in a single bin or cart for recycling. No more sorting out your recyclables. This “No Sort” recycle option allows you to spend more time with your family while also helping our environment.

Please check out our recycle page for more information on Bee Clean Disposal ® Single-stream recycling service.

Our 14 Gallon Bin $11.50 / Monthly
Our Medium 64 gallon container $19.00 / Monthly